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We've tried to may this form as small as possible and the process as easy for you as possible. Let us know if you have a problem.
Our aim is to direct people to our site in the thousands. We do that via promotions on social media. We already have an audience of over 30,000 followers, these are real people who have decided to follow real accounts matching our traffic profile which is sport - shopping - family - UK lifestyle. Please note these are multi accounts on Twitter & Facebook, not our main accounts you see links to on FYHS. Our aim to add more accounts over time.
We can bring the people but it's up to your promotion to convert these into visitors to your site or buyers of your products or services.
As we build traffic - We are currently offering this great deal;

1. For 12 months you can promote on FYHS for just £19.00 This represents at least a 75% saving on our regular price which we expect to be set at £20.00 a month.
2. We will also add you to our Partners Section for 12 months.
3. Tweet out an extra message you can email us anytime in the next 12 months.
4. You can also change the text of your promotion at any time which means you can take advantage of calendar events for your area or topic. Please give us the new text at least 2 weeks in advance via email.

All promotions need to fit into our traffic profile - We do not accept adult, gambling or Get Rich schemes. All promotions are subject to acceptance, if we don't use your promotion we will issue a full refund. You can cancel your promotion at any time but once started we can not refund payment.

You can use this link to upload a text file or Ms word document containing your promotions.

Or fill in the following form.

NOTE: This line will make up part of the link to your page so best practice is to include keywords or phases that would attract people from searches on Google. For example, dog friendly pub in Newport. That would become the link dog-friendly-pub-newport. To buy a similar phase in Google ads might cost £5.00 per click so take advantage now.

Add an mage you want to be included in your promotion.

At the moment we only accept payment via paypal, this is secure for both parties.

On clicking the SEND button below you are agreeing to our conditions clearly stated within this form. The completed form will be sent to our promotions person and a new page will open for you to complete your payment. If everything is complete we normally setup you promotion on site within a few days if not the same day. Your promotion will be placed within the best category we have.